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Drawing lines in your head...

...to make the pictures that I see.

Anah Crow

Anah is a purveyor of fine philosophies and erotica in various mediums as well as a maker of garments and mythologies.

a listing tower of books with white paper and red covers, against a pale blue backdropWhat obligation any writer feels to the universe, to the muse, to themselves, to the reader, or to history is a very personal thing, and some feel it very strongly. That doesn’t mean they’re immoral or unethical or dishonourable if their life takes them down a different path and what they create changes.

There is no mysterious soul-contract signed when someone creates something you love. If they quit creating it, or start doing it badly, they’re not taking something away from you that they owed you. You can be disappointed and you can be sad and you can even laugh at them. But they didn’t owe you anything. Not morally, not ethically, not in terms of honour. They made something and if it fulfilled you, that’s just an example of the lovely synchronicity that makes life exciting. Nothing more.

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